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Eyelash extensions are a popular service that enhances the natural eyelash by providing length, thickness, density, and curvature using a unique synthetic yarn fiber or polyester material that imitates the original. With proper application, meaning that they are applied to one individual natural eyelash- extensions should feel comfortable and will NOT cause damage. Results will vary based upon each individuals lifestyle and proper aftercare, touch-ups are recommended after 2-3weeks in order to replenish extensions that have shed during the natural eyelash cycle and ones that have grown out. 



"Vivian is a 5x certified lash artist trained in giving clients a natural to a dense, defined lash-line while preserving the biological state of natural lashes. She is very meticulous and strives to provide clients her best quality of work and customer service. Known for her patience and gentle approach this maximizes client comfort and satisfaction. Trained by two of the most reputable lash companies in the U.S. industry, her commitment to continuing education ensures that her skills reflect the highest and most current standards in the industry." We take great pride in using safe and high-quality products at Lux Lashus which is why all of our products used are vegan-like cruelty-free, latex-free, and formaldehyde-free. Adhesives are replaced within 3-5weeks after opening to ensure every drop is fresh. It is my goal to maintain a professional standard of quality and continue practicing industry integrity. 


Eyelash extensions among many- are a luxurious service.  Vivian wanted to take the typical and create a more unique ambiance for clients. Instead of spelling "lashes" with an "es"; the "us" represents a more intimate and private experience during service hence, the name Lux Lashus.

Lux Lashus strives to stand-out in all the positive ways from using quality industry products, one-on-one client and artist attention, to having clients curate their own beauty enhancement while ALWAYS preserving the integrity of the natural lash.



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